Admission Procedures

Students should have to pass SLC  exams to meet the standard of the college for the admission. They should score at least grade D in their SLC exams to join management stream. As soon as the SLC result is published admission for grade 11 will be  announced.  For the admission process, students should sit for the entrance exam which is compulsory according to the college rules. Baiscally students are granted admission on the basis of entrance test, short interview and SLC  marksheets. Students should reserve their seat by filling the application form from the reception for the entrance exam. After the entrance exam students are called for short interview with parents and then if everything satisfies the college rules students will be admitted at Charumati College.

Disciplinary Code of Conducts

1. We believe in a sound academic environment and well – disciplined students.
2. The College will make a code of conduct with the involvement of the students and it will be applied to all the bodies of the college.
3. Students must give due respect to all the bodies of the college and display decent and cordial behavior to fellow students.
4. Any kind of violation of the code of conducts signed among the parents/guardians, students and college administration will be liable to disciplinary action.